Holly Allison

Holly Allison
PreK Teacher

My name is Holly Allison and I am the new Pre-K teacher at Costa.  I received my education degree from Central College in Pella, Iowa .  Then, my husband Stuart and I moved to Galesburg (almost 20 years ago) with his job as a professor at Knox College where we settled and started a family.  

I have worked for the past 10 years at the Galesburg Public Library and have also been substitute teaching for District  #205 while I raised my girls.  I adore the outdoors and am thrilled to be working at Costa where there are such amazing outdoor opportunities (prairie, deciduous forest etc).  For years I have also lead the Wiggly Worm and Adventure Seeker Nature Camps through the Galesburg Recreation Division.  Most recently my volunteer service work took me on a mission trip this summer with Solid Rock Missions to the Dominican Republic where I helped construct the new hospital.   Enough about me!

2017-2018 Highlights

Pre K has had some wonderful moments exploring the world around us this year.  Our highlights have included making a trail through our prairie and pretending to be bunny's that live in the prairie, we learned how to build a large stick fort in the back woods together while also learning how to put up a tent.  We have had some great science experiments which have included the disappearing candy canes, the Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall egg drop experiment using 7 eggs hard and soft boiled wrapped in different materials, the indoor snowman melting experiment to predict how long it might take for our snowmen to melt.  We enjoyed making bird nests with brown clay, sticks and grasses like a robin, and making the birds  pinecone feeders to help the birds bet through winter.  Students had a great time exploring magnets and finding out what objects had a magnetic attraction around our room.  The joy of learning and exploration of these students is so strong and filled with excitement that they continually take us in wonderful new directions.

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