Mary Norton

Mary Norton
Junior High Religion

Mary Norton is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in German with a minor in government, English and secondary education. She has her Masters in Education Administration and has been involved in Catholic education in Galesburg since 1970. Her first position was at Saint Joseph's Academy for two years, teaching fourth grade and then third grade respectively. 

Then the catholic schools in Galesburg consolidated to form Costa and Miss Norton has been teaching here since then.  Among those years, Miss Norton has taught in enclosed classrooms and has taught in the current junior high format of rotating classrooms. She has been the principal and currently is assistant to the principal while teaching all of the religion classes for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

"I have worked at Costa my entire adult life.  It has been a great experience because I can teach to the whole child not just to the mind but the spirit.  I can pray with them whenever I want."


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