Laura Endthoff

Mrs. Laura Endthoff
Junior High Math

2017-2018 Highlights

Junior high math is an exciting time because the students get to take all of the skills they have learned up to now, build on them, and put them together to solve real life problems. They have their first look at new concepts such as integers, 3D shapes and measurements, discounts and percents, and algebra. We will take these concepts and use them to figure out how to remodel a room, create a garden, shop for discounts, and understand how loans and savings work. Pre-Algebra students have an in-depth study of Geometry that ends in them building their own tesselation artwork. We explore all the various ways math is involved in our every day lives.

In the junior high math class we also use the Smartboard almost every day to teach and reinforce learning. The students love to be an active part of the learning experience and this allows them to come up and be involved in the concepts. We also use various online programs such as Khan Academy to supplement our learning and help reinforce topics that students will need as they enter the high school.

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