Cindy Ricketts

Cindy Ricketts
Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Ricketts has been in education for 12 years with the past 7 being at Costa.  Mrs. Ricketts is the P.E. teacher for PreK through eighth grade.  Cindy attained a BA degree in physical education with a minor in science from Monmouth College.  While at Monmouth she was a member of both the volleyball and basketball teams.  Mrs. Ricketts then attended Western Illinois University to obtain an emphasis in health education.  Cindy started her career at Orion Middle School where she taught P.E., and coached volleyball, basketball and track.  She also spent some time at Knox College coaching women's basketball.  Cindy was the director of religious education at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church for 15 years.  She completed a two year Lay Ministry Leadership Program at the Diocese of Peoria with an emphasis on religious education and administration.  She has also attended numerous Diocesan conferences and workshops to further her education in religious studies. Cindy is also certified as a "safe environment" training coordinator.   Cindy and her husband are proud parents of four Costa alum.

"I like working at Costa because daily life and classes are centered around God and our Catholic Faith.  It is an atmosphere based on family.  Teachers at Costa are dedicated to serving God and his children.  The teachers at Costa are among the best!  Three of my own children are Costa Alums and one is currently a student at Costa.  I know the great foundation they received at Costa has benefited all of them."

2017-2018 Highlights

Physical Education and Health 2017 - This year has been an awesome year! Our fall weather was super. That means we get outside alot more! As a P.E. teacher I have most of the classes for several years in a row. It has been a joy to see the maturity levels grow and the athletic ability improve! We rotate each fall with our first unit being soccer or football for 5-8. This year we did soccer. The majority of these students love soccer! I always enjoy our volleyball unit and actually the fitness testing. We were fortunate enough to have an instructor from Bridgeway to teach some classes on "drugs and alcohol".in health first semester. To add to our S.T.R.E.A.M. project for Costa we learned how important water is to our health. Something new this year. 

The little kids are "so enthusiastic" about P.E.!! We have worked alot on locomotor movements and incorporating them into some new fun games!

It's a joy to see kids having "fun" while getting exercise!