Christine Hill

Christine Hill
Junior High Science

Mrs. Hill teaches Junior High School Science and has been at Costa for 28 years.  Mrs. Hill who is originally from England, has a BA in Secondary Science Teaching from the University of Southampton.  Mrs Hill regularly takes classes at Western Illinois University to stay current in the ever changing field of Science.

"After 28 years of teaching at Costa, perhaps the most remarkable experience one can have is the daily interaction  with faith and learning. Costa fosters an environment where prayer and learning are interwoven. In this environment students soar, keeping God foremost in their lives. I cannot stress enough what a privileged time this has been. I look forward to continuing to help students grow in faith and knowledge for many years."

2017-2018 Highlights

The 2017 2018 school year began with great enthusiasm. In addition to our regular syllabus, a new integrated curriculum called STREAM has been introduced. STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology,Religion, Art, and Mathematics,. The topic chosen was water.This has given students opportunities to research and experiment. They have investigated water pollution and disease,built water wheels and filtration systems. Discovered why water is essential for life on Earth, and why water is called the universal solvent.

Science Exploration is also offered through first to eight grade. This has provided a large variety of topics for students to experiment. The enthusiasm of the younger grades is contagious. They have found how to make snow, make raisins dance, erupt volcanoes, and make a lava lamp, just a few of the activities we do together. In Junior High they enjoyed building rockets  and are currently studying kitchen chemistry and later forensics. This is a wonderful year with so many excited students anxious to learn more about Science.

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