Canonical Pastor - Fr. William Miller, IC

FROM THE DESK OF FR. WILLIAM MILLER, IC                     May 5, 2017


The prayer battle must precede every other battle for justice and peace.  Only by winning the battle of prayer can we win all the other battles in the world, including those in our own personal lives.  Often, we hear it said: “All we can do now is pray.”  It is so true!  Particularly when, instead of despairing at the situation in our lives and in the world, we summon the courage to pray.  But this way of speaking does not do justice to God.  In reality, prayer should be not the  the last resort – but the  the very first thing we do.  Prayer can change the world.  Prayer brings God back into all our actions – as He will not involve Himself without our invitation.  Prayer is a powerful force.  It can suspend the laws of nature and overcome every obstacle, for it is a participation in the almighty power of God.  When we involve ourselves in the course of events through prayer, we actually change the relation of cause and effect in the world.  When we intervene in prayer, God’s grace comes in to play, transforming the complex interplay of destructive forces.  But God does not simply want us to beg Him to intervene; rather, He wants to give us, through prayer, the dignity of sharing in His divine work.
Prayer does not always come easily – in fact, it can be very hard work.  But the more we pray, the more we find joy in prayer.  St. Teresa of Avila teaches us that prayer can be “a simple uplifting of the soul to God, to frequent converse with Him, to an intimate friendship with the One who loves me infinitely.”  Those who pray in this way will begin to change in their very being and in all they do.  I cannot pray sincerely for peace and yet do nothing to bring about peace.  I cannot pray for the hungry or those who eke out their lives in misery and do nothing to help. 
May we make space for God in our lives – as He is waiting, 24 hours a day, to hear from us.
{from an article by Fr. Martin Maria Barta who is with Aid To The Church}