Angela Zellmann

Angela Zellmann
Kindergarten Teacher


Learning to love God and love others as we develop social and academic skills is a part of every day life at Costa Kindergarten. Many strong readers have emerged through our activities. We apply numbers and math skills in our daily life so that we are competent learners. Kindergarten began the year studying monarch butterflies. We collected caterpillars and fed them milkweed leaves daily. 6 butterflies were hatched and released. We learned about their life cycle first hand as some of the caterpillars actually hatched from eggs we had on our leaves. Watching a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis is so special. It was fun to see pictures of monarchs arriving in Mexico a couple of months later. Their migration is nothing short of miraculous! As the seasons changed, we learned how "the kitchen closes in leaves" as chlorophyll production stops and the leaves change color. Fall is harvest time, so we learned a lot about the agricultural harvest. We brought in apples of different colors, graphed them by color, tasted various kinds, tallied our favorites, did lots of counting & comparing, and even made applesauce! Our study of Thanksgiving culminated with a Friendship Feast as we wore Native American Indian shirts that we decorated.


In December, we did a lot of reading and math activities with our gingerbread man unit. The Gingerbread house was a special place to read our books in! We also did research to learn about reindeer. Did you know both males and females have antlers? January started with very cold weather, so it was the perfect time to study polar animals. Penguins are especially fun to learn about (while we add with penguin eggs, write about our research, and do lots of number writing.) And, number writing skills exploded as we celebrated 100 Days with a variety of math activities!


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