Alyana Eastman

Alyana Eastman is a first year teacher at Costa Catholic Academy. Aly has been passionate about teaching since high school when she started volunteer teaching 1st grade at CCD. She pursued that passion as her career here in Galesburg IL at Knox College. She graduated from Knox College in November of 2016 with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Religious Studies. 

"I enjoy teaching at Costa because I value relationships with my students and their families. The small class sizes, the supportive staff, and the engaged parents make those relationships possible. I love being in an environment where Jesus Christ is central to everything I do and teach."

2017-2018 Highlights

First graders at Costa Catholic Academy have learned a variety of things this year! We've studied everything from arctic animals - sticking our hands in "blubber" - to learning how indigenous peoples lived. We've learned about shapes, adding, subtracting, place value, and various other math skills. We use well reviewed online math programs and various manipulatives - like LUXBlocks -  to help us grasp math concepts. Every day we work on reading and writing through our Daily 5 stations. This is a time for students to grow and develop within their ability groups! We value the strengths that each student brings to the classroom! 

First grade has many guests visit each month!  We learn about art, agriculture, and even health from our guests. During our regular week you can find students attending specials like p.e, music, choir, technology, and library time. Costa truly values the "whole" child. It shows in our day to day routine! What connects each subject in our daily routine is our desire for God. Through constant prayer and discussion we are able to tie in everything we learn back to God. 

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