Costa School Code: 5E4L55A716824

Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that enables families to raise money for their non-profit organization (NPO). Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards. You purchase gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center and the Costa coordinator will distribute the cards to you after they arrive at the school.  The earnings are a rebate for your family that will apply to next year's tuition.  It’s really that simple! Great Lakes Scrip Center offers over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Just by using scrip to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you can easily raise $500 or more per year. It’s time to put your shopping dollars to work!

You will begin by ordering through Great Lakes Scrip Center website.  All orders must be PAID for with cash, check or money order prior to releasing the order.  You may send in your payment with your child or drop it off in the office.  When cards from SCRIP are received in the office, you will be notified they are ready for pick-up.    

Scrip is easy and now profitable to YOU.  Just click the button below to go to the scrip page.  Follow the instructions to set up an account for your family and you will be able to start saving money today on next years tuition.

School Code: 5E4L55A716824

Costa Scrip Forms

Click on links to print copies of the Scrip contract and policy form.  Both forms need to be signed and submitted before you can use Scrip for tuition.  A $5.00 shipping fee is also required prior to starting the program.