Our History

COSTA - Builder of the Faith - Builder of Catholic Education
Our namesake and heritage!


The life of Fr. Costa is now on display at the Catholic Diocese of Peoria Museum in the Spalding Center Museum.

Costa Student visited that museum on April 17th, 2015 and learned how his life was connected to Abraham Lincoln.  

Fr. Joseph Costa is Costa Catholic Academy's founding Father and namesake, who came to Galesburg to build the Catholic faith and Catholic schools in the late 1880's. 

His is an amazing story and is how we, Costa Catholic Academy , came to be.  To learn more about Fr. Costa, see the downloaded files or visit with Fr. William Miller, Pastor of Corpus Christi Catholic church (1885) and St. Patrick's Catholic church (1863).  Both of these churches and the following schools, St. Joseph's Academy (1879-1972) Corpus Christi Lyceum-High School (1895-1964) and St. Mary's School (1891-1924) were built by Fr. Costa and by his congregation of the faithful whom volunteered their time, resources and efforts so that generations, such as ourselves, and many who came before us, could benefit from a Catholic education. 

More About Our Founding Father:

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