Welcome to Costa Catholic Academy Education Commission 2019-20


Costa Catholic Academy is governed by its elected/appointed Commission members. Our Commission is made up of 9 members which includes representatives from each of the three Catholic churches in Galesburg. The Canonical Pastor and Costa's Administrative Staff also attend the Commission meetings. The purpose of the Commission is to act as an advisory board responsible for formulating and recommending policies governing the operations of Costa Catholic Academy. The Commission does not have the power to enact policy, nor does the Commission have the power or authority to act on behalf of the parishes of St. Patrick's, Corpus Christi or Immaculate Heart of Mary or to bind the parishes or the school to any actions. The Commission can make recommendations to be considered and enhanced by the Canonical Pastor or two-thirds (2/3) of the Costa Catholic Academy school Pastor's Board.

The following are members of the 2019-20 Education Commission:

  • St. Patrick's Church: Mary Wright, Jessica Sanchez

  • Corpus Christi Church, Jeanne Zhorne

  • Immaculate Heart of Mary: Angie Carlson (Secretary), Norma Stiegel

  • Our Pastoral Board: Canonical Pastor Father William Miller, IC

  • Ex-Officio Members: Principal, Joe Buresh, Business Director, Mark Tressell
    Finance Committee: Joe Buresh, Mark Tressell

Our Commission is divided into several different committees that help govern and set policy for the school. The different committees are: Administrative/Policy/Strategic Planning; Financial; Building and Grounds; Communications/Involvement; and Outreach/Engagement.