Costa Catholic Academy is proud to offer no try-out sports to grades 5-8. Co-ed soccer and girls volleyball in the fall, boys and girls basketball in the winter and co-ed track in the spring.  Also, available to 6th grade girls in the winter, pon-poms and in 7th & 8th grade cheerleading.  


Welcome to Costa Catholic
Academy's Athletics.

Jesus' teachings remain at the heart of virtues that ultimately contribute to making Costa's athletic program a Catholic Christian experience. The program exists to develop and enhance the relationship between faith development and daily living. Costa Catholic Academy's athletics, as an extra-curricular school activity for grades 5th through 8th, is a privilege, one that is earned and fostered by a student's Christian character and academic efforts. Costa athletics is recognized as a supportive component to the total educational process, offering balance rather than prominence within its educational scope and practices. A balanced athletic program, a privilege in which our elementary students may choose to participate, exemplifies and witnesses to the meaning of living in a Catholic Christian community by:

  • Allowing participation of students regardless of their athletic abilities

  • Developing character qualities within the realm of Catholic Christian traditions

  • Providing opportunities for development of fundamental skills and self- confidence

  • Developing habits of health, hygiene and safety

  • Providing opportunities for student-athletes, parent(s)/legal guardian(s), coaches, moderators and spectators to celebrate their school communities as Christ present among us.

Costa Catholic Academy offers a variety of sport opportunities for our students throughout the school year.


  • Co-ed Soccer

  • Girls' volleyball


  • Boys' basketball (5th-8th grade)

  • Girls's basketball (5th-8th grade)

  • Girls' pon pom (6th grade)

  • Girls' cheerleading (7th-8th grade)


  • Co-ed track

Costa maintains a no-try-out policy. Our coaches adhere to the Peoria Diocese Athletic Code of Conduct. Sportsmanship is stressed by all of our coaches to our athletes. All coaches are CPR, AED, and First Aid trained as well as certified in Blood Borne Pathogen handling skills. 

Friars Club

Athletics at Costa are supported financially via volunteers from the Friars Club.  All money raised at concessions, tournaments and through other fund raising activities is used directly to fund the school's athletic programs.  They pay for team entry fees into tournaments, for all game officials, and all awards given to the athletes at the annual sports award banquet in the spring.  Over the last several years, in addition to maintaining the sports program,  the Friars Club has purchased:  team uniforms, the score board and sound system in the gymnasium, and renovated the soccer field and locker rooms.